Why You Need to Get Rid of Personal Items When Staging Your Downtown Sarasota Home

January 24, 2023


Why You Need to Get Rid of Personal Items When Staging Your Downtown Sarasota Home

Are you planning on selling your downtown Sarasota home? Have you been staring at all your accumulated possessions, wondering whether you should keep or get rid of them? Since the purpose of staging a home is to create a beautiful and versatile space that will appeal to many home buyers, you should consider removing personal items from your home. Read on to find out why getting rid of your items could help you sell your Sarasota home quickly.

1. You need to cater to the target demographic

The important thing to remember when staging homes for sale in Lido Key or downtown Sarasota is that you need to create a beautiful space that many buyers can relate to. Home buyers need to be able to visualize their future lives in your home – and as many as 82% have said that staging can help. Furthermore, the numbers show that staging can help a home sell quickly and even for 25% more.  

When staging your Sarasota home for sale, consider what type of buyer would be most interested in your home. For example, there are many different types of homes in the Sarasota area. In downtown Sarasota, there are many high-rise condos and penthouses that are often perfect for young professionals and growing families. Or, in Lido Key, you can find many spacious estates in beautiful surroundings that are great for families and retirees. By considering your home’s features, you can determine what type of buyer would best fit, such as young professionals, growing families, empty nesters, or anyone in between. Knowing the target demographic can help you determine how to stage your home to appeal to them. For example, that massive grand piano that has been in your family for generations might look beautiful in the space, but to some buyers, it might be considered too big and even cumbersome. Or, you might enjoy all of the abstract expressionist paintings on your walls, but they might not align with the tastes of the majority of buyers. By keeping the target demographic in mind, you can create a beautiful space they will love. 

2. Some items could be potentially problematic

When you are going through your possessions, you need to remember that some of the items could be potentially problematic. Items that are political, religious, or even too personal might not be well received by certain buyers. For example, political magnets on the refrigerator or ornately designed religious mementos might even turn off certain buyers, who might then formulate a negative impression of your home. Other things that could be problematic would be pet accessories. For example, if a potential buyer has a pet allergy, they might not want to see these items in the home as they could be a health concern. That is why you need to consider removing anything that could be problematic. Keep only neutral items so that your home can appeal to as many buyers as possible.

3. Some items are too personal

Another reason why you should consider removing your items is that they are simply too personal. Simply put, home buyers do not want to walk into a home that looks like it is being lived in. The reason for that is that that can often detract them from imagining their lives in the home. When going through your rooms, remove your toothbrush from the bathroom, graded schoolwork from the fridge, and open invoices from your desk. In addition, remove the pictures of your kids and the rest of your family from the fridge and walls. However, instead of leaving the walls or countertops completely bare, consider adding certain artifacts to help enhance the space. For example, consider placing a tray filled with spa essentials next to your tub or adding necessities to your home office. Ultimately, you want to remove the items that appear worn or used and add items that can accentuate the space.

4. What you can keep in the staged home

Even though you should remove many of the potentially problematic items, there are certain personal items that you could consider keeping. The first thing that you should consider keeping is a few professional family photographs. When the professional family photo is placed strategically, it could help buyers imagine their family in the photo. For example, consider putting a professional family photo above the sofa or mantelpiece to help accentuate the space. The family photo could even make the space appear friendlier and cozier.

Other personal items that you could consider keeping are a small collection of clothes and shoes. Keeping some clothes and shoes in the closet can help buyers imagine what the closet would look like with their own clothes inside. As for families with kids, consider keeping a few of their toys in the playroom or kids’ room, as they can better help buyers see the home as a child-friendly space. The final thing you should keep in your home is the furniture. If the furniture is high-quality and goes well with the home's color scheme, then consider keeping it. You could add a few decorative but neutral pillows to the couches and fresh flowers to the tabletops to elevate the overall look. When done strategically, keeping some personal items can help elevate the appeal of homes for sale in Lido Key or downtown Sarasota.

5. Consult an experienced Sarasota real estate agent

If you are planning on staging your home in Lido Key or anywhere in Sarasota, then you need to work with a realtor. As many as 86% of sellers have used the services provided by a realtor to streamline the home selling process. The benefits of using a realtor are numerous. For one, a realtor can help you stage your home to attract many buyers and even entice some to make an offer. Furthermore, a realtor can guide you on furniture placement and other personal artifacts. They can also use their extensive market knowledge to help determine the best timing and pricing to list your home. Working with an experienced realtor who knows the Sarasota area can make the selling process considerably more efficient and stress-free.

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