Little-Known Ways Judy Kepecz-Hays Attracts More Open House Guests

July 27, 2023


Little-Known Ways Judy Kepecz-Hays Attracts More Open House Guests

Downtown Sarasota
, Florida, is the ideal place to live for those who love being in the action. From its vibrant arts scene to its upscale dining and shopping options, there is always something to experience. The community is filled with friendly locals and pedestrian-friendly areas. Its ideal waterfront location and attractions like Bayfront Park, the downtown botanical gardens, Payne Park, and The Ritz-Carlton make it a desirable location.

An open house for your downtown Sarasota home for sale is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your property to prospective buyers. To maximize the success of your open house, it is essential to attract as many people as possible. Follow these open house tips for sellers to increase attendance at your open house and potentially sell your property faster.

Does your home need an open house?

Even in today's digital age, open houses remain a crucial part of the home-selling process. This is because open houses provide opportunities for potential buyers to physically experience the property and see if it could support their desired lifestyle. By holding an open house, you can invite interested buyers to explore the property, ask questions, and get a feel for the space.

While open houses can be an important part of the home-selling process, luxury sellers may have valid reasons for not hosting events open to the public. For example, some may worry about security risks associated with strangers walking through their homes. Others may prefer to maintain a sense of exclusivity and only invite interested parties who have been pre-qualified by their real estate agent. Regardless of the reasons, there are still ways for luxury sellers to attract potential buyers, such as hosting private showings or offering virtual tours.

Why open house events help sell your home

Open houses allow buyers to see the property in person but create a sense of urgency and competition among interested parties. When multiple buyers view a property simultaneously, they may feel pressured to make an offer sooner rather than later to avoid losing the opportunity. Open houses can generate word-of-mouth marketing for your property.

Open house vs. showings

You have two primary options when showcasing your property: open houses and showings. While open houses allow you to showcase your property to a larger audience, private showings offer more exclusivity and personalized attention. Some luxury sellers may prefer private events to maintain privacy. A showing can create a custom experience for serious buyers and encourage a more immediate offer.

How Judy Kepecz-Hays attracts more guests

When you plan an open house, it is vital to ensure buyers will attend the event.

Prepares your home

Attracting buyers to your open house starts with how you prepare your home for sale. For example, take the time to get an appraisal, implement home improvements, hire a luxury staging company, and take professional images. You can set your home up for success. All these tasks help create a desirable home that looks high-end and will therefore work to attract buyers before scheduling open house events.

Finds the best days and times

One crucial factor in attracting more people to your open house is to find the best days and times to hold the event. Generally, weekends are the most popular days for open houses, while weekdays tend to have lower attendance. However, consider the local market and the demographics of potential buyers. For example, working professionals may be more inclined to purchase a downtown property, which means an after-work event may be convenient for target buyers. A potential problem with weekend open houses is the number of activities and events in the downtown area. Before scheduling your event, check your local community page to ensure no major happenings could retract from your open house.

Creates readable signs

Place signs in prominent areas, such as major intersections near the property, to help guests find the home. Ensure the signs are large enough to be easily read from a distance and include the date and time of the open house. Consider adding directional arrows to guide attendees to the property from the main road.

Provides refreshments and branded gifts

To make your open house stand out, consider offering attendees refreshments and branded gifts. This small gesture can have a lasting impression and make your property more memorable. Some refreshment ideas include finger foods, bottled water, and sparkling wine. Branded gifts could include items like tote bags or keychains with your real estate agency's logo.

Advertises your home online

In addition to traditional marketing methods, it is necessary to advertise your home online to attract more potential buyers to your open house. Especially in a downtown community where younger generations choose to live, you can reach your target audience with online tools like social media posts. With most homebuyers beginning their search online, a robust online presence can give your home a solid start on the market. Consider creating social media posts and utilizing listings on popular real estate websites. High-quality photos and virtual tours can give interested buyers a detailed view of the space and help create more viable sales leads.

Engages your neighbors and network

It can be very helpful to engage your neighbors and network to spread the word. Let them know the date and time of the event, and encourage them to invite friends and family who may be interested in the property. You can also consider referral incentives, such as a gift card to a local restaurant or shop. Creating community involvement allows you to tap into word-of-mouth marketing and get more people in your home.

Creates a digital tour for online viewers

A virtual tour can offer a 360-view of the property, giving online viewers a realistic sense of the space and layout. This is especially important for out-of-town buyers who may be unable to view the property in person.

Discover more tips for your open house

Judy Kepecz-Hays is a downtown Sarasota real estate agent specializing in waterfront properties. Judy can help you prepare your home for sale, implement proven methods to throw a successful open house, and find you the right buyer.

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