5 Signs It Might Be Time to Find a New Realtor to Sell Your Longboat Key Home

May 26, 2023


5 Signs It Might Be Time to Find a New Realtor to Sell Your Longboat Key Home

When putting up homes for sale in Longboat Key, people have long sought out the help of experienced luxury realtors to help them make top dollar. However, a successful home sale requires clear communication and trust with a real estate agent. If a seller feels that an agent is not meeting their needs or understanding their goals, it may be necessary to search for a new agent who can better assist them. Let's discuss some key signs that indicate sellers may need to find a new realtor.

1. They are not an effective communicator

Just like in any relationship, communication is key when it comes to working effectively with your agent. The seller and the agent should both be able to communicate effectively with each other. A real estate agent that provides frequent updates without any prompting, checks in, and ensures that the seller feels supported throughout the process is one worth keeping. 

The reality is that a lot of realtors will be too busy to answer every call or text from a seller right away. When that’s the case, they should have support staff to make sure the seller feels heard and taken care of.  If sellers are dealing with non-communicative agents or agents who assume what the seller would prefer in a transaction without actually communicating with them, it’s time to find a new agent. 

2. Their negotiation skills are lacking

A listing agent needs to be well-versed in contracts and negotiation tactics with other professionals. They should advise homeowners to consider when to make concessions to buyers and when to stand firm on their terms. To achieve this, they must understand the seller's goals.

Additionally, they should be familiar with comparable properties in the area and market trends to negotiate effectively.

Experienced agents perform various tasks, such as screening lenders, verifying a buyer's pre-approval paperwork, and communicating with the buyer's agent to ensure that each offer is in order. If a seller has received offers on their home but hasn't been able to come to an agreement with a potential buyer on a price or certain concessions, the agent may not be negotiating effectively. A good way to get ahead of this situation is to ensure a realtor communicates every detail of a negotiation. If they still can’t close any deals despite feedback from the seller on negotiations, it’s likely time to move on.

3: Personalities don’t mesh

Another sign that a realtor may not be suitable for assisting a seller in this major transition is if they simply rub the seller the wrong way. This is usually a simple issue of personalities clashing. The seller and agent work together frequently, and sellers deserve to feel at ease throughout the process of selling their home.

A good agent should possess both empathy and professionalism while walking their clients through a home sale, from deciding on a price point to deciding on a buyer. Professional agents are aware that selling a house can be overwhelming and, at times, emotional—particularly for first-time sellers—and strive to ensure a smooth process for their clients.

4: They miss the mark on pricing

A great realtor has the skill to guide sellers in setting a winning price point for their home using tools like comparative market analysis, the appraised value of the home, and their knowledge of Longboat Key real estate trends. Good realtors will also advise sellers in making important decisions like determining the appropriate price reduction for their home or selecting the right offer. 

If a seller hasn’t had any bites after the expected time of the home being on the market, the agent should be advising the seller on what direction to go in next. Is a price drop in order? If so, for how much? If a home still doesn’t get any bites after a price adjustment, sellers should consider finding a new realtor or do some research of their own on what similar properties are selling for to make sure their property is listed for a fair price for themselves and potential buyers.

5: They aren’t marketing the home

One of the most important functions of a listing agent is to market for sellers. Listing agents put a home on the MLS, social media platforms, and websites like Zillow and spread the word among their colleagues. Other marketing responsibilities include arranging professional photography and staging, organizing and hosting open houses, and advising sellers on necessary upgrades to their homes.

The marketing efforts of a good listing agent will impact how quickly a home sells, how large the buyer pool is, and if the buyers that find a home are the target audience for the home. If a seller is listing a luxury home but draws in a lot of people who simply want to see their home, rather than buy it, is the listing agent doing their job right? The answer is likely no.

If a home has been on the market for over a month and received only a little interest, ask the listing agent if they’ve arranged for any more open houses. Ask where they’re advertising. If they can’t answer these questions, or have never performed some of these essential marketing services in the first place, consider looking for a new agent.

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