Ted Sperling Park: One of the Perks of Living in Sarasota


Longboat Key, Florida | December  14th, 2019 In our long years of specializing in luxury real estate, we’ve seen so many folks who relocated to Sarasota fall in love with Ted Sperling Park. More so among the old-time residents that knew it before as the South Lido Beach Park.

Ted Sperling Park is truly one of the primers to the quality of living in Sarasota. This park offers residents and visitors an opportunity to experience an unspoiled natural Florida setting that is easy to access.

Ted Sperling Park is located on the southern edge of Lido Key, and it is just minutes away from the vibrant commercial hub of St. Armands Circle. Some residential communities, like the Ritz-Carlton managed The Beach Residences, Orchid Beach Club and L’ Elegance and are notably just a short distance to this park’s north entry at 190 Taft Drive.


ted sperling park in Sarasota, Florida

Kayakers’ Haven


Ted Sperling Park covers all of a hundred acres interacting with four bodies of water: Brushy Bayou, Big Pass, Sarasota Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico. The park, which was named after a Sarasota county commissioner who pushed for its establishment, is host to one of Florida’s top-rated kayak launches.

This paddlers’ base is located right at the park’s Taft Drive entrance. The kayak launches are directly adjacent to sprawling mangrove forests where paddlers can easily navigate under the canopy of mangrove trees.

The kayaking experience in the Ted Sperling Park is quite unique and exciting. The paddlers move through a verdant tunnel, a water trail system where they can encounter marine life like dolphins and manatees, as well as aquatic birds.

If you own a canoe or kayak, you can launch it for free at the Ted Sperling Park facility. Alternatively, there are kayaks for rent there, and guided eco-tours from the park are also offered at 10:00 a.m. and at 1:30 p.m. daily. You have to make reservations though because tour slots are limited.


Recreation and More


The waters of Sarasota Bay off the park also make the perfect choice for stand- up paddle boarding. The bay waters are calm and therefore suited for beginners to this new watersport. Paddleboard lessons and rentals and lessons are available in the park year round.

Besides kayaking and paddle boarding, Ted Sperling Park is likewise an ideal place for birding and wildlife-watching, as well as fishing. The park is an excellent destination too for picnics, as it has a shelter/pavilion, restroom, and rinse station among its facilities.

Ted Sperling Park provides more besides its recreational value. Its red mangrove forests, like those in other parts of Lido Key and coastal Sarasota, help protect waterfront properties. These forests serve as a buffer, absorbing floodwaters while also reducing the effect of tides and waves on the coastline.
Moreover, the mangroves growing at sea level along the coastline form an important piece of the Southwest Florida ecosystem. These coastal forests provide a habitat for fish, crustaceans, birds, and other small animals.


Living in Sarasota has many more attractions like Ted Sperling Park. Our Judy Kepecz-Hays team can guide you to the residential communities which draw the most out of these places that elevate the quality of life for residents. Call or email us for a preview of some of the best residences that Sarasota has to offer. If you’re selling, check with us on the smart ways to bring the best pitch to market your property.


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