Why the Strong Vibe at Gulf of Mexico Drive?


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Longboat Key, Florida | April 25th, 2017 – Our Kepecz-Hays Team feels a strong market vibe particularly along the flanks of Gulf of Mexico Drive where many sellers of Longboat luxury residences have recently tapped Coldwell Banker in listing their high-end properties.


What we’re truly excited about is the various initiatives of the Longboat Key Town Commission to enhance Gulf of Mexico Drive into a road corridor signature to the best there is in the island. In the coming weeks and months, residents and property owners of the town will have a clearer picture of the projects along this 10-mile thoroughfare that are envisioned to improve the lifestyle and property values on Longboat Key.


Road Infrastructures and Utility Undergrounding


Longboat Homes for Sale GMD_2Roundabouts, enhanced street lighting, landscape medians, and shaded sidewalks are some of the planned infrastructures now high in the commission’s agenda. Pivotal to these projects is the Gulf of Mexico Drive utility undergrounding project, estimated to cost between $40 million and $50 million. Work on burying overhead power cables and similar utilities is expected to start in 2018, with the Florida Power and Lighting already contracted for the design of the underground system.


The town wants to capitalize on the removal of all the Gulf of Mexico Drive utility poles and explore the many enhancement opportunities it present for the town’s major thoroughfare. One area being looked at is the improvement in the road’s aesthetics through landscaped medians.


Wide-ranging Benefits


Safety and convenience for both motorists, bikers and pedestrians are under consideration as well. Some of the commission’s ideas include improvements in bus shelters, multi-use paths with low pathway lighting on both sides of Gulf of Mexico Drive, sidewalks with shady landscaping, and enhanced visual separation of bike lanes from traffic lanes.


The removal of the utility poles along Gulf of Mexico Drive should also be a boon for the town’s plan to build two roundabouts for better traffic flow. One of these two is being considered at the junction of Broadway Street and Gulf of Mexico Drive, while the other is eyed at the intersection of Longboat Club Road and Gulf of Mexico Drive.