Sports Facilities that Help Sell Real Estate


Longboat Key, Florida | April 1st, 2019 – Buyers of residential properties, whether looking for a condo or a single family residence, almost invariably would include in their checklist sports facilities and similar amenities that provide wellness and better quality of life. 


The residential developments most successful in filling this market need are no doubt our golf communities, the concept of which originated from Florida in the 1920s. At the outset though, these residential neighborhoods built around golf courses were reserved only for the ultra-rich. With the growth of the sports of golf in the 1960s, it was only then that the market base of golf communities became wider to include middle-class homebuyers.


More Sophisticated Wants


In more recent years, the sports facilities that residential buyers look for has definitely become more varied and has expanded even to amenities for physical fitness and wellness. Some of the perks that homebuyers now look for include spas, Jacuzzis, and fitness centers with state-of-the-art equipment.


Wellness-themed communities has likewise become increasingly in demand, and their amenities has grown more sophisticated. It is for this reason that some developers are coming up with a variety of pools, such as infinity-edge pools and lap pools, now considered as vital particularly in drawing luxury home buyers.


This uptrend in demand for wellness-centered communities is expected to continue to rise. In one study, the Miami-based NGO Global Wellness Institute estimated that the wellness real estate market will be worth $180 billion by 2022.


Pickleball Trend


But we don’t need to wait that long to have some more samplings of the trends in health, fitness, and wellness which help shape our local real estate market. In Longboat Key, the recent dramatic growth of the sport of pickleball currently appears as a dominant factor for neighborhood amenities.


This March, the Resort at Longboat Key Club opened four pickleball courts in response to increasing demand for such facilities. The Resort notably now has a very active and growing pickleball club which previously had to play in borrowed time from two of its 14 tennis courts.


This local popularity replicates the strong growth of pickleball nationwide. Players of this sport across the U.S. were estimated to have already reached 4 million following a 10 percent annual growth in the last 10 years. The sport, which originated from the 1960s, has become quite popular because it is suitable for all ages and comes as a social sports that revolves around the concept of open play. Seniors with mobility issues can play this game as well, since the pickleball court is smaller than a tennis court.


More Courts Set


Longboat town officials have also responded to the increased interest of islanders in pickleball. In the recent renovation of the Bayfront Park, pickle ball courts were installed. Plans are also afoot to have pickleball facilities at the town’s tennis center.


In the mainland, pickleball players have various public facilities to avail of including those at the Robert L. Taylor Community Complex in Sarasota. The local YMCA branches also have their facilities dedicated to certain hours for pickleball. Courts for this sport are likewise available at the Englewood Sports Complex and the Venice Community Center.


For sure, Longboat Key and Sarasota offer many more amenities and facilities that enhance the quality of living of our communities. Whether selling or buying real estate, it would be advantageous to know the finer points that now help sales listings move in the market quicker. Consult our Judy Kepecz-Hays team for a well-rounded understanding of the best ways to engage the local property market.


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