Post-Hurricane Home Inspection: Priorities to Consider

Post-Hurricane Home Inspection: Priorities to Consider” - Judy Kepecz-Hays Selling Luxury Real EstateLongboat Key, Florida | September 19th, 2017 – Thankfully homes in Sarasota & her Island and residents included, emerged largely unscathed from Hurricane Irma. Most islanders had to evacuate though but nonetheless went through without much more trouble than going through power outages.


Certainly, Irma left a lot of mess to clean up too before we can return to our normal routine. As a homeowner, it is also important to have a close look at your house. Check methodically for any damage or issues that needs to be repaired or addressed like clogged vents and missing shingles.


Here are some of the areas in your residence that needs immediate attention in the all-necessary post-storm inspection.


Roof: Check for any irregularity, anything missing or loose on vent stacks, flashings and chimney top. Make temporary repairs using roof cement and/or other materials to seal out water in places where some pieces loosened or were blown away. Permanent repairs would be needed for missing or loose shingles.


Electrical services entrance: Inspect this installation closely and ensure that that setup is not leaning or sagging. If it does, seek the professional help of a qualified electrician immediately.


Dryer vent outlet: Check and remove any debris that may have flown in during the storm. Ensure that the louver flaps open easily when the dryer is running. A steady stream of moist, warm air coming out of it would indicate the dryer is okay.


Furnace and boiler vents: As in the dryer vent outlet, inspect your furnace or boiler vents for damage or clogging particularly if these directly run through the wall.


Gutters and downspouts: Seek the services of a roofing and gutter company immediately if you find the gutters of your house loosened by the storm’s strong winds. These could swing loose and cause some serious damage. Inspect your house’s shutters and exterior trim too for any loosening that needs to be fixed promptly.


Fences: Severe weather could weaken your fencing as well as features like flag pole brackets and lattices for vine creepers. Secure or reinforce any weakened area at once to avoid more difficult and expensive repairs later.


Trees: Assess the condition of trees on your premises especially if they’re big in which case the services of a licensed arborist would be needed. Maybe it is also time to weigh if you even want to retain any large tree in your property.


Indeed, much more could be learned and shared about natural disturbances like Hurricane Irma which not only bring physical damage to residences. Natural calamities can also be a factor to consider on such concerns as mortgages and financing whether you are buying or selling a residential property. Contact our Judy Kepecz-Hays Team if you plan to engage the market as a seller or buyer of a house in Sarasota & her Island. We can help you assess how the property market here is shaping up in the post-Irma scenario.


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