Paradise Center: Beacon for Baby Boomers

Longboat Key, Florida | March 12th, 2019 – It pleases our Judy Kepecz-Hays team to note that more facilities bringing a better quality of life for seniors are forthcoming in Longboat Key. Surely, this is a development which should further strengthen our town as a destination for residential buyers from the baby-boomer generation.

Lead to this effort is the Paradise Center which has been providing quality-of-life resources to the island’s resident seniors since 2008. Even more encouraging, the center has recently launched a project in partnership with the consortium Stratum Health System that includes Tidewell Hospice. This new undertaking also involve some other reputable businesses and nonprofits, such as the Longboat Key Center for Healthy Living, the Center for Brain Health, Fitness Quest Physical Therapy, and the Jewish Family & Children’s Services of the Suncoast.

New Wellness Facility

Together, these agencies would set up a new wellness center at the former Northern Trust building on 540 Bay Isles Road, which is now under renovation. Located next door to the Longboat post office, this facility will offer a wide selection of healthcare services including physical therapy, caregiver support and home healthcare.

Discussions are also ongoing with doctors specialized on adult patients, including dermatologists, orthopedists, and hearing specialists, on providing their services at the new center. With all these services available locally, mainland trips (which could be inconvenient due to traffic) could be avoided especially by the town’s senior citizens.

Already, the Paradise Center has a solid track record as an outreach program. It started more than 10 years ago as the Aging in Paradise Resource Center based at the Longboat Island Chapel. It has conducted yearly over 250 programs, services, and workshops designed specifically for seniors.

Vibrant Activity Mix

Active adults living in Longboat Key can attend the center’s various health and wellness classes conducted throughout the year. These activities include range from Pilates, Tai Chi, Zumba and Gentle Yoga to nutrition, meditation, and falls prevention.

Paradise Center is also a go-to agency for Longboat seniors who want to stay engaged with community activities. Through the center’s community engagement initiatives, these local seniors can readily find the right events or undertakings wherein they can volunteer their time or talents.

Referrals come too as a service area for the Paradise Center. Significantly, it does more besides providing referrals for all kinds of medical and healthcare services. It can be a reliable source for finding a handyman, be it a plumber or carpenter, even a dog walker. Already well established within the town’s community, the center has compiled a list of various professionals who have been personally recommended by its local network.

Seminars, workshops, and learning programs are likewise part of the Paradise Center’s service areas. The topics tackled are wide-ranging and address the seniors’ diverse interests, such as aging at home, money management, advanced planning, brain health, Medicare options and transportation. Even such subjects as smartphone use and opening a Facebook account are also covered.

The Paradise Center is but one of the elements behind the scenes which help in marketing of residences in Longboat Key and elsewhere in the Sarasota main land. Check with our Judy Kepecz-Hays team for more of the dynamics driving our real estate market, whether for sellers or buyers.

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