Median Age In Sarasota: 45

Just recently in the subject of a Herald Tribune article, titled “Nations ‘Oldest’ City? It Just May Be Venice” that the age gap in an area could potentially stifle the ‘life’ of a city. “The median age in Venice is 66.7, according to data recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau. It ranks sixth nationally among cities with populations above 20,000 — but with an asterisk: The five cities ahead of Venice, such as The Villages near Orlando, are designed as retirement communities. Not only does more than half of the population of Venice qualify for Social Security and Medicare, but the population of younger people is tiny: Only 4.3 percent of the population is in… 25-34 age group, and just 2.2 percent are ages 15 to 19.” Sarasota is a thriving population of all ages with many opportunities for arts, culture, dining and living. The median age in Sarasota is 45, and all are welcome to join in the with the great bay area life. Check out some of my properties, or contact me to find out how you can get started!