How Longboat Key Nonprofits Help Draw Retirees to the Suncoast

How Longboat Nonprofits Help Draw Retirees to the Suncoast - Judy Kepecz-Hays Selling Luxury Real EstateLongboat Key, Florida | October 17th, 2017 – A U.S. News & World Report survey recently validated what seniors who chose to buy residences and settle in Sarasota and Longboat Key already very well know—that their slice of the Florida Suncoast is one of the most desirable U.S. destinations for retirees.


This poll focused on folks aged 45 years and older who based their picks on several quality-of-life attributes. Besides housing affordability, included in the criteria were access to top-quality healthcare, job market, happiness, and desirability.


The Sarasota metro area including Longboat Key, indeed, got what it takes to lure new residents and convince residents to stay. Baby boomers who are now in their senior years are particularly drawn by this region’s warm climate, superb beaches and a vibrant arts and culture scene.


Agents for Adult Enrichment

How Longboat Nonprofits Help Draw Retirees to the Suncoast - Judy Kepecz-Hays Selling Luxury Real EstateOur region, moreover, offers a slew of adult enrichment programs which are offered not only in the Sarasota mainland but also within Longboat Key. A nonprofit, Longboat Key Education Center, is one of the local agencies at the forefront of such seniors-oriented initiatives in the island.


Just this October 16, the Center began its fall season of classes and programs at the Centre Shops of Longboat Key. Its director, Susan Goldfarb, announced that they have readied some 175 programs for their incoming year of adult-enrichment initiatives. These are divided into three terms: fall, winter and spring. About two-thirds of their offerings are new and are aimed at reaching new audiences, says Susan.


Wide Area Coverage


Mainstay classes, such as film reviews, yoga and bridge, still form part of the Center’s activities this fall. Attendees can explore several new classes too, like basic Buddhism, culinary aromatherapy, and enjoyment of the great outdoors on Longboat Key and nearby recreational areas.


The opportunities for lifelong learning that the Center provides extends to all adults regardless of residence or educational background. This year, it also seeks to fill in for the Longboat Key Center for the Arts which was closed in May. The Center in its run this year will offer discussions and classes on hands-on drawing.


Notably, the Center has its own gallery exhibiting works of local artists and its faculty members. The exhibits are open to the public and thus contribute to cultural enrichment not only on Longboat Key but in the entire Sarasota area as well.


Expanding the Adult Learning Space


The Paradise Center (TPC), formerly called Aging in Paradise Resource Center, is another Longboat Key institution dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for local seniors. Its coverage, besides Longboat Key, includes our neighboring areas such as Anna Maria Island, Lido Beach, West Bradenton and Sarasota.


Like the Education Center, TPC offers plenty of learning opportunities for seniors through workshops, seminars, lunch and learn programs, and wellness classes. Topics covered include aging at home, meditation, nutrition, money management, Medicare options, and brain health.


Following its recent name change, TPC announced its partnership and merger with the Longboat Key Center for Healthy Living, another nonprofit responsible for the establishment of the town’s medical center at the Centre Shops.


TPC is also moving out of its headquarters in the Longboat Island Chapel, having outgrown this space. It is launching a fund-raising campaign for the transfer. The favored new TPC location is the former office of Northern Trust Bank on Bay Isles Road across from the Longboat Library.


Our team at Judy Kepecz-Hays has a heads-up on many more local developments besides these recent good news from TPC and the Longboat Key Education Center. Call us or send our team an email if you want to sell your residence and/or buy a Longboat Key property. Our deep insights of the local market would provide you with a strong leverage.


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