Longboat Girds to Beef Up North Shoreline

Longboat Key, Florida | February 5th, 2019 – Here’s some good news, especially for property owners in the northern end of Longboat Key: valuations of their residential properties stand to be more robust. This buildup of property values draws strength from the construction of five sand-saving structures on this side of the island, which is on track to commence this year, if current state permitting in process proceeds without a hitch.

We have seen how well our local beachfront properties moved on the market following the island’s recent sand renourishment projects. Thus, this latest move of the Longboat town officials is truly a welcome development. This is particularly so for owners of beachfront properties planning to sell their condos or houses, as the overall market prospects this year appear upbeat.

Five-groin Defense

A total of five sand-saving structures (known technically as groins) are set in the north Longboat Key project. Three of these are planned for construction the western shoreline of Greer Island, also popularly known as Beer Can Island.

Notably, there are several waterfront condominiums just south of this island popular for its secluded white sand beach. These properties whose market values owes much to the health of the nearby island include the upscale 360 North Condo, Northgate of Longboat Key, and Longboat Pass Condo.

Aside from the planned three Greer Island groins, two more sand-saving structures are proposed for construction between North Shore Road and Broadway Street near the Longbeach Condominium. It is estimated that a total of $12 million would be spent to build all of the five structures to help deter shoreline erosion. Longboat’s town officials are now seeking approvals from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Army Corps of Engineers for this five-groin project.

Longboat Pass Dredging

Significantly, Manatee County, its government officials said, would take its turn in dredging Longboat Pass in a joint project with the town to dredge Longboat Pass. The dredged sand would then be used as materials for the overall effort to maintain the island’s north-end shoreline.

Beach loss on the northern end of the Longboat Key is high on the watch list of its town officials. Other properties, besides the Longbeach and 360 North condo communities, could be put in jeopardy if the shoreline erosion issue isn’t addressed quickly.

In September last year, replacement sand of almost 1,400 dump-truck loads sourced from Polk County were used to renourish a 600-foot beach stretch off North Shore Road. The town spent $1.1 million for this month-long project which sought to remedy the beach loss due to Hurricane Irma last fall.

Complementary Efforts

Since 1993, Longboat has undertaken projects to renourish its beaches. These past undertakings are quite big, with the town using more than 3.3 million cubic yards of sand sourced from various places. New Pass stretching off the island’s southern shoreline is one of these sand sources. Dredging is now going on here for the renourishment of the shoreline south on Lido Key.

Notably, like Manatee County and the town, Longboat and the city of Sarasota likewise take turns dredging New Pass and use the dredged sand for beach renourishment. Dredging projects like these, moreover, make the waterway more navigable, a feature that buyers of waterfront properties always look for aside from robust beachfronts.

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