House Remodels Picking Up

Longboat Key, Florida | July 9th, 2019 – Sellers of pre-owned residential properties now are increasingly under pressure to do some remodeling or upgrades of the houses they’re selling. Construction in new communities provide dwellings with contemporary features that consumers now demand. In order to compete with these new builds, residential upgrades would be needed most especially for older residences. This would be particularly so for those decade-old residences valued in the same price range as the new builds coming onto the market.

Given this scenario, it comes as no surprise that there has been a national upswing in residential remodeling in recent years. The momentum, industry observers say, is even stronger in the Sarasota‒Manatee region because of the heavy influx of residential choices from the new communities coming online in the two counties recently.

U.S.-wide, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) projects a 1.6 percent increase in residential remodeling this year and expects a 1.1 percent rise in 2020.

House Remodels Picking Up

Sarasota Ripe for Upgrades

The growth pace of house remodels in the Sarasota area could even be more, according to local contractors. They note that our region has plenty of old residences in superb locations that merit updating instead of just tearing them down and building new ones. There a lot of buyers of older, but move-in ready houses, too, who are drawn by the various choices on the local real estate market.

These picks could be found not only on the mainland, but also on the waterfront of the keys and Sarasota Bay. Significantly, these choice local residences, though older, have “good bones” which could be updated to last for up to 40 years.

Local remodeling notably focuses not just upgrades to more contemporary residential features, such as smart home devices. The updates undertaken likewise cover strengthening the residences to better withstand hurricanes, flooding, climate change, and other natural disturbances.

Pick Contractors Wisely

Given this need, prospective sellers thus have to seek expert advice and professional help in remodeling projects. Initially, thorough research has to be undertaken on the most cost-effective approach in the upgrading project. Finding a licensed remodeler should be part of this exercise, in order to ensure that optimum benefits are derived from a project.

The website of the Manatee-Sarasota Building Industry Association is one valuable resource in this regard. It lists 22 “remodeling and renovation contractors,” which should be a good start. Contractors in this list can provide referrals if they’re unable to accommodate projects. Tips could likewise be found in the Sarasota County government website,, which provides information on how to hire a housing contractor.

Through these industry and government channels, you can be sure that you’d be dealing only with reputable licensed contractors. It is not worth the risk dealing with unlicensed contractors, however attractive their pitch for your remodeling project may be. A botched job in residential upgrades would be a waste of resources and serious debacle when selling a residence.

Learn more on preparing your property for market listing. Our Judy Kepecz-Hays team has an extensive industry network which helps us and our clients determine the residential upgrades or remodeling that buyers now look for. Call or email us so we can give you more specifics on the property makeovers that drive buyers to market-listed residences.

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