Here’s How to Get Top Dollar from a House Sale


Here’s How to Get Top Dollar from a House Sale - Judy Kepecz-Hays Selling Luxury Real EstateLongboat Key, Florida | July 5th, 2017 – Getting the best deal for a residence for sale largely depends on attracting the most number of prospective buyers as possible. For this reason, our Kepecz-Hays Team has aligned with the current efforts of local realtors for a more liberal policy on permits and on signage which seeks draw buyers to visit residences for sale and to join open houses on Longboat Key.


These signs are, of course, just a part of the ways and means that would help sellers get top dollars for their residences on the market. Let us review some of the other tools and steps important in cashing in on the maximum market value of your property. If you need professional help on these purposive efforts, our team has the expertise which you can count on.


Draft a Marketing Plan


Here’s How to Get Top Dollar from a House Sale - Judy Kepecz-Hays Selling Luxury Real EstateHaving an effective marketing plan is the key to get the highest possible value of your house. To prepare this plan, you would first need to correctly determine the fair market value of your property so that you can set its price just at the right level.


As realtors already with nearly 40 years of experience in the market, we can assist you in this critical step of price-setting. Our team can provide you with comparable valuations of residences in your locality. Looking at these comparables will help you set a price that is competitive on the market.


Setting the right price for your sales listing allows you also to identify correctly your target markets. With your markets established, whether they are retirees, millennials or growing families, the communication tools and channels which reach these potential buyers more effectively can be readily identified and utilized in selling your house.


Prepping It Up


Visual materials, such as photos and videos, are important components in marketing a house. But before shooting any photo or video, it has to be ensured that the residence would be visually appealing and can pique the interest of potential buyers.


Hence, it is necessary to first assess the condition of your residence and determine if any upgrade or repair is required. Hiring a house inspector would be advantageous as you will not only have an idea of the prepping up that your house needs and how much this will cost. From this inspection, you can also have an added input on the pricing of your house, taking into account the expenses to be incurred in its repairs or upgrades.


Typically, a top-to-bottom remodeling won’t be necessary in order to make a pre-owned house attractive to buyers. What would be most necessary though are house repainting, replacement of old carpets and fixing faulty electrical or plumbing systems. Similarly, landscaping and exteriors of the property would have to be enhanced for a curb appeal enticing to buyers.


Staging the Residence


Attracting the best offers on your sales-listed house will also hinge on how well you staged it on showings or open houses. One important thing to do is allow as much as possible the prospective buyers to imagine themselves living within the house.


This means that you have to remove all the clutter from your residence and all your personal belongings in the rooms. While you do this though, don’t let the rooms just bare and empty. A professional in staging can be hired to prepare for that all-important home showing. They can provide expert advice on what appropriate furniture, paintings and décor could be presented. Also be sure that the residence is thoroughly cleaned and all unpleasant odors are eliminated.


Clearly, the checklist of a marketing plan to sell a house would be lengthy, not to mention the nitty-gritties of its implementation. The Kepecz-Hays Team can help you in all the steps to sell your house in a manner that could draw the most offers and pave the way for the best deal you could get. Call us and we’ll be with you beyond putting up that “For Sale” sign in your Longboat Key house on the market.


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