Environment-Friendly Houses Gain Market Weight

Longboat Key, Florida | October 11th, 2019


It would be smart to incorporate environment-friendly features in a residence, if you are building a new one or upgrading a dwelling. Green features, such as energy-efficient residential designs, add value to a house.

In one industry study, it was estimated that resales of existing green-certified houses were sold at prices 30 percent above conventional residences. Sales listings with green certifications were also found to be sold 18 days faster than comparably sized homes but are not green-certified.

Builders’ groups also expect rapid growth in demand for green residential construction. The consensus between the National Association of Home Builders and the U.S. Green Building Council is that by 2020, nearly 20 percent of new U.S. residences will be built in accordance with environment-friendly standards.


Why Demand Grows

The dramatic increase in environmental awareness in recent years, especially on the profound effects of climate change, have prodded an increasing number of homeowners to reduce the carbon footprint of their residences. They have also recognized that eco-friendly houses not only pose less or no damage to the environment. More and more homeowners have recognized that green residences also bring plenty of additional benefits.


Summing it up, these benefits would typically include:

  • Lower cost of maintenance
  • Reduced household expenses
  • Better air quality and healthier living
  • Consistent room temperature
  • Reduced household waste


Breaking it down further, you can get the most out of green residential builds by engaging builders or renovation specialists who use construction materials which are easily accessible and environment-friendly. Chose the contractors who can source construction materials locally, as this not only saves on delivery time but also minimize their shipping distance and thus cuts the carbon footprint of the house construction or renovation.


Lower Building Cost


It would be also wise to pick builders who use recycled or upcycled construction materials. Besides being eco-friendly, this approach also raises the possibility of reduced upfront construction cost, as these materials are quite likely to be cheaper and easily available nearby.


Environment-friendly residential construction likewise grows in following because of the energy-efficiency features that it brings to households. Green homebuilders typically include renewable energy as a salient power source in the residences that they deliver.


Mostly coming in as rooftop solar panels, these residential features can reduce your monthly electricity bills by between 20 and 30 percent at least. In some exceptional cases, the power cost savings are much higher, particularly in residences totally off the commercial power grid and generating their own electric power entirely.


Less maintenance is also required for eco-friendly residential builds, because of their purposely long-lasting designs and more robust materials used. With green home builds, homeowners spend less in repairs or makeovers as the eco-friendly materials used in these houses are more durable and retain their looks longer. The longer lifespan of these residences can also translate into a higher property values if and when their owners decide to sell later.


In Sarasota, the sustainable features of eco-friendly residences can be appreciated first-hand at the Florida House Institute on Beneva Road. You can check this out or call our Judy Kepecz-Hays team for more on the merits of bringing in sustainability in either selling or buying a residential property.



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