Don’t Sell a Dwelling Empty

Longboat Key, Florida | September 24th, 2019 – Sale is currently pending on a condo residence at Beachplace in Longboat Key that our Judy Kepecz-Hays team listed early this year. That this listing has been so well-presented certainly helped much in drawing buyers to it, again underscoring the crucial role of staging a residential property toward bagging a sale.

Among realtors, the prevailing opinion is that empty residences on the market, meaning houses where its residents have completely pulled out, furnishings and all, are more difficult to sell without staging them. A recent industry analysis has validated this, and it concluded as well that these bare for-sale residences were sold at significantly lower prices.


Builders’ Catch Logic


Homebuilders are quite aware of this too. That’s why many of them spend a handsome amount of money to furnish their new builds, be it detached single family residences, townhouses, or condos. Large developers even go to the extent of hiring professional designers for a sale presentation which would truly impress prospective buyers.

Existing or pre-owned residences which have already been vacated are easy to tour by aspiring buyers. Though convenient, the disadvantage here however is that the buyers are bound to be more observant of the dwelling’s imperfections down to the minutest detail. This could result in lowball offers or total loss of interest from the buyers. Buyers may also hold on and take more time making an offer, knowing that the former residents have already moved on.


Basics of Home Staging


Investing a reasonable amount of time and money in home staging thus can maximize the chances of sellers for a quick deal at the best price. In the many years of our Judy Kepecz-Hays team in the real estate trade, we have found it helpful to follow some of these basics in home staging.

Firstly, stage with your target market in mind. Determine what type of leads your residence is likely to attract, the buyers who are drawn to your area, or the price point at which your property would be sales-listed.

For example, a listing in a conservative community populated by plenty of seniors would be more appropriate to have a traditional staging. Conversely, a dwelling for sale in a hip area with yuppies and millennials would be better off with a slick and modern presentation.


Natural and Simple


Go for the natural. Plastic decors are a no-no when showing across all types of residential property buyers. So better veer away from putting up fake wine and fruit displays, in much the same way you’d want to avoid inedible rubber cakes and artificial cheese plates. As much as possible, try to use only natural elements like living plants in staging dwelling interiors’ decor.

As a parting shot, do not fall into the trap of going overboard in home staging. Forget about splashing out on throw pillows and cheesy art walls. Rather concentrate on providing simple table lamps and floor lamps that help brighten up your presentation.

There are plenty of other things to consider, for sure, when staging your home. Call or e-mail us at Judy’s office in Longboat Key if you want to sell your house, stage it well, and be on course for a quick sale.


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