Challenge to Sellers: Standing Out as Market Picks Amidst Choosy Buyers

Longboat Key, Florida | May 28th, 2019 – Currently, there are more options for buyers in the Sarasota real estate market. This means that sellers, now really have to focus on making their sales listings stand out on the market, with the significant gains in inventory recently and buyers likely to be quite choosy.

As of end-March 2019, active listings totaled 3,313 in Sarasota for single family residences, up 10.4 percent last year. For condo choices, there are 2,016 market offerings, 16 percent above the level last year.

Significantly, sellers of existing or pre-owned residences are also facing market challenge from new home construction in the Sarasota region. Industry figures indicate that 1,354 new single-family residences were sold in all of Southwest Florida during the 2019 first quarter, up 19.4% from a year earlier.

Given this scenario of more picks available including new housing construction, it is necessary for sellers to take steps so that they could draw maximum buying interest for better chances of getting the top dollars for their properties. The following list details a few of the items which would help a residence market ready and attractive to buyers.

Invest in best-value improvements

First impressions last. Hence, it is logical that the priority of sellers should focus on the curb appeal of their residence for market listing. One typical approach is a cost-effective improvement on landscaping.

Simply pruning trees and hedges could work wonders in presenting a good look at a house up for sale. A judicious investment in landscaping limited to about $400‒$500 was also found in one study as sufficient to bring in a return four times this investment.

Addressing the basics in yard maintenance, such as weeding flower beds, should also work wonders without money spent. Similarly, fancy interior upgrades could be put on hold, and instead a house made attractive to buyers simply through repairs on windows, rain gutters, and plumbing.

Project the luxury of space

Create a smooth sense of flow within the house. This could be economically accomplished simply by knocking out a non-structural wall or dismantling a kitchen island.

The feel of a house could likewise be easily transformed to a more spacious setting via a smart play on interior lighting. Be sure that windows open and no window panes are broken. Install high wattage electric bulbs to make small rooms feel bigger. Remember too that warmth is ushered in by adding soft lighting on empty spaces.

Strip your footprint off the house

Prior to holding an open house for prospective buyers, declutter the residence and pack up your personal belongings. Emptying the cupboards and countertops in the kitchen is another way of stripping your household’s fingerprint on the residence you’re selling.

With this step, buyers could better project themselves as residents of the dwelling you put on the market. It will additionally create an airy and bigger environment that most buyers want.

All the above-mentioned conditions are at play in the open houses that our Judy Kepecz-Hays team is holding this May and in June. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about selling or buying a home in Sarasota as well as in Manatee County. Our long years of experience in real estate can bring you the best deals available in the local real estate market.

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